Thursday, October 08, 2009

My poor subconcious mind is having a turmoil this week.
On the occasion that these are growing pains, it will need to be celebrated at a later date.

A week ago Thursday the first incident was that one son was having trouble with a bully
pushing him around during Lunch.
At school we were already speaking to his teacher about including him in the class. Addressing that it was better to not give him extra attention. He was responding bitterly too. We asked that instead could they please add his desk back with the rest of his classmates.
That ruling was passed, yes lots of details but I really do not want to explain here now.,,,,
Then he says please let me stay home from school, (first clue), after school during routine inspections his lunch container is smashed with minor evidence that it has been stomped on, he is mortified of course, because it is sooo messy. Both of his older brothers offer to sit with him in the lunchroom. After calling and what would seem like a peaceful conclusion has been set, son #2 wins an award in front of the school, Hooray! So Son #1 sits alone in a classroom with Son #3. After eating, son#3 stays in class all through recess because he was waiting to be excused. In the process of being alone and fidgety he accidentally cuts the very tip of his finger off with his own scissors!!
Onwards mommy soldier comes in to find out how we can resolve these problems only to land an argument with his teacher. At the end we decide that it is best if we just see it as it is. A challenge and to carry on with the full awareness that we have a year of hand fullness.
Long story, I had a grand encounter with all the teachers that were involved and that issue is
being dealt with well.

On to our weekend, many prayers and many questions and the quiet assurance that Jesus can be our answers when I am trying to regain trust and my own heart back.

Monday Son #1 has a life altering problem that he wants to share. A boy that he thought was a friend last year is harrassing him in the bathroom. Red flags go off! Now with all the descriptions recorded, Prayers have been answered in the most amazing ways. We met with his principal and were reassured with the complete trust that this matter will now be resolved. I watch as Son #1 has a regained confidence to tackle some of lifes challenges.

Right now, in this very moment all I want to do is find a circle that I can share my life with, all the secrets and all the details, just let it all out! Just an answered prayer that my subconcious would have a load off and I will be able to carry on to see who and what gifts that the Lord wants to reveal in my life.

Over tea if asked we can have a lovely talk about the deeper sides of these life stories from this last week, but here on this journal I will try my best to leave out most details.....

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Grandma K said...

It takes the wisdom of God to parent doesn't it!