Sunday, January 24, 2010

Want more but need to take less

Time to acquire hope.
Peace to sit still.
There was once a time that I needed to go
and not stop until all was accomplished.
The first performance on stage, the first
monologue written, the first dance number, the only
What I have learned from the last 15 years is not
that I need to stop and remember but that praying for those
around me that I see or never meet is what is on my heart as of late.
There are times that I say goodbye and my heart aches because
there is a chance I may never see this soul again.
To laugh ~to dance~ to hug ~to cry are all parts of the puzzle we call life.
I want to meet my Dad and look him in his eyes and if he is not living
gaze at a picture of him and know that my second son resembles a part of
his history that I have never known.
We celebrated our son today for his 8th Birthday and within his joy I
saw another year starting, whole new goals awaiting. Another day starting with
Good Morning Mom.

1 comment:

Grandma K said...

Eight years???? already???

I am sure there are days that the future looks a little gray, sort of like the weather. But there will be so much beauty too, sort of like the frost on everything!

What can I do to help? I will be in touch......