Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Snow-day Gratitudes

Today, I am...

:. enjoying blackberry & yoghurt cake (made without sugar) fresh from the oven.

:. watching the growing piles of snow out there, sparkling & blowing by, through our windows.

:. inspired by a good friend! With minutes to spare, that lent a gracious helping hand & drive home, after my walk uptown.

:. looking at a basketful of wool & trying to decide who to give some of it away to.

:. wishing I could finish a beading project.

:. busy folding laundry and planning the 100th (cooked) evening meal of 2012.

:. hearing stories of silly dreams (or nightmares) of me as a dancing clown.

:. feeling grateful for prayer & growth through a difficult time in all of our boys life.

:. reminding myself that this quality time I spend with all of them (or one to one) is the continuing growing steps as we move on.

:: remembering to look for new homes both here & there for these books we find, everywhere.

:. laughing, as the kids listen to stories of pet pigs
& chickens named Rooster.

:. listening to them recant the stories to each other with logic
& reason.

:. happy, Azaelea is doing well
& her surgery (2 months ago now) was a success.

:. knocking on wood that she stays free & clear from any previous health concerns.

:. noticing, how tall Asher has become.

:. remembering, when he could fit soundly fast asleep, on the forearm of his Dad.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


Grandma K said...


It was a good day wasn't it! And now the sun shines promising warmth and new life!

Kmarie said...

Oh he looks like his dad! Loved this peaceful post. So glad A is doing so well!:)
Happy snow day!

Alicia said...

-Yes it was, K. Warmer weather arrives so frequently this year. It's hard to remember feeling like we are in a deep freeze for months on end, through other years.
Very soon the flowers will bud.
-Thank you, Kmarie :)