Sunday, February 05, 2012

A pattern: Baby-Love Sling

You will need:
US 15 10mm needles
An extra needle for bind off

Cast on 24st
Knit first row
Cont. Stst until it measures 7"

RS Kfb1 *K1 M1* cont. to last st Kfb1 (48st)
Purl first row
Cont. Stst for 8"

RS When garment is 15"
K2tog all across (24st)
Purl first row
Cont. Stst until its 25" long.
Cast off with 3 needle bind off

Perfect for dolls, trucks or any treasures your little one may carry around as their baby.


The Tea Bag said...

You know I'll never knit this because, well, I can't knit; but who can resist that cutest of smiles and the very pleased-with-herself expression! xoxoxo

Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum said...

What weight wool would you recommend to use for this?

Breanne said...

Would you be willing to make one for me? I can't make anything but my daughter would love this! How much do you think it would cost if you are willing?

Keisha P said...

do you make these for anyone to buy?

Alicia said...

Yes. Yes I do. Do you have a colour in mind? The last order I did for a friend's dayhome. They are a fast knit if you or someone you know would like this knit up. Thanks for your interest!

Keisha P said...

how much do you charge? i prolly wouldnt be able to get one untill closer to christmas bc im having to redo my cloth diaper stash right now my smallest just had an allergic reaction to elastic. but i love these and think it would be awesome for my kids

Anonymous said...

Hi there from New Zealand :) I would love to make these for my boys, but also would love one myself as I am due with my next boy soon! Do you have a pattern for making an adult one? Would it stretch too much or be alright? Thank you :)

Alicia said...

Hi Breanne,
I would be willing to make this for you. I just need to know the whereabouts to which the package will be shipped.
Best to you, Alicia

Alicia said...

Another boy on the way is fantastic! We have a full quiver of 3 boys (& 1 girl) too! Congratulations
I would be willing to write you a pattern. There would be an extra layer for coziness, and extra support. The yarn I use is from a local farm and it is stretchy. I would recommend shopping online for info on a variety of yarns with little to no stretch ie: bamboo. ships worldwide. They are having a grand opening sale &/or you could compare yarns and shop locally too. If you are really interested the PDF could be ready for you by the end of next week. Thank you for inquiring. I appreciate it so much!
warmly, Alicia

Alicia said...

I would recommend a bulky weight. This one was made with lopi. Hope that helps. Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Alicia, I would love to have a PDF pattern if you don't mind. What do you charge? Thanks for your advice about the yarn, I will take a look at that website and compare with prices here in NZ.
Many thanks, Chelsie :)

Anonymous said...

I first saw this on Facebook as a re-post from Attachment Parenting of a blog post on Small Potatoes -- I'm thrilled to find it here!! Thank you so much for creating this pattern and being so open about sharing it! Can't wait to get knitting :)

Norma Neal said...

I love this but I don't understand the pattern. Stst is straight stitch? Is that with either knit or purl, whichever is says? Kfb? K1,is knit one but what is M1? I can knit and usually read a pattern. I am just dense today I guess. It is so cute and you do great work.

Alicia said...

Thank you for asking.

Stst: Stockinette stitch. Knit 1 row across, then purl the next row across and repeat.

Kfb: knit 1 stitch in the front and back
This is an increase stitch.

M1: Make 1 stitch
This Is also an increase stitch.

For tutorials in most stitches I often recommend
The help is appreciated by a wide knit & crochet online community. Hope this all helps explain some more and please feel free to ask more questions. Knitters helping eachother is lovely.
warmly, Alicia

Alicia said...

We are in the process of setting up a store on Big Cartel. I will let you know when it's up & going. Perhaps that will open up more communication when the time is closer to Christmas.

Alicia said...

Amazing! Thank you kindly for your warm compliments. Happy knitting! Alicia

Kathy McPherson said...

Hi Alicia, I would love to buy one of these treasures from you please! Shipping would be to Australia. My email address is

Thanks so much, you are very clever!

Warmest wishes

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my email address for you for the PDF: Thanks so much Alicia I can't wait to get started on it!

Alicia said...

Hi Kathy,
Thanks so much for your interest! I would enjoy a knit up. What color do you want the sling to be?
Best to you, Alicia.

Alicia said...

Thank you for the open communication, Chelsie! It's Canadian Thanksgiving here. Enjoy your week! Will connect soon. Alicia

Momma Nee said...

Do you have a crochet pattern? It seems like it's just a scarf with the ends attached to one another but that could be because I don't know how to knit AT all ;)

Alicia said...

Thank you for inquiring.
I'm sorry I don't have a crochet pattern. The pattern is simple but there is an increase number of stitches in the middle to make the pattern wider for the lovey to be carried & well protected. I would be keen to see a similar crochet idea!

The Pumpkin Patch Preschool said...

I just discovered "Small Potatoes" and am spending the weekend reading every one of her wonderful posts! Are you still making these slings? How much do you charge? I live in Springfield, Illinois.

My email:

Thanks for any info you can share...:) Patty Thompson

Nickole Bonsell said...

What would the price with shipping be if I asked you to make and ship one of these to me? I do not know how to knit! And I don't think I know anyone who does!

CassieR said...

I am having trouble figuring out the bind off. A three needle bind off would be appropriate when both ends have live stitches but I can't seem to figure out where/how to pick up the cast on end in order to do the three needle bind off. This is silly b/c I've followed this pattern and made one of these once before but tonight it's just not working. :-/ best regards.

Alicia said...

3 needle bindoff includes picking up original cast on stitches. I would recommend taking another dpn needle first and sliding it through 24 original stitches. There are YouTube tutorials that will teach you how to continue this secure bindoff. Albeit may I also recommend the mattress stitch? It is virtually invisible and leaves a minimal seam on the inside.
Please let me know of I can help or
clarify even more.
Happy knitting!

Eileen said...

Ok so I am not the best knitter but my niece asked me to make this for her daughter for Christmas so only about a month away. Haha. Can I gat that pdf file so I can try and understand this better. I have only made scarves before so I understand the straight line stitch but have to figure out how and when to pick up a stitch and drop a stitch. Maybe have a pattern for dummies. Anyway hope you get this since I see most comments where like three years ago. Please email me at Thanks with any help you can give me.

Unknown said...

Hi Alicia I foster for my local Animal Aid and at the moment I have a young kitten whose missing her mam as her mam could not be found so I am the one whose has to be mam to her by cuddling her for so long so many times a day if I could make one of these adult size strap but kitten size as she needs to be against my chest so she can here me breathing it would be absolutely brilliant, I would be willing to pay for the pattern. Hoping you can help Julia xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia, I just saw your doll sling on and would like to order one. I care for my 2 year old granddaughter several days a week and she LOVES her dolls so I know she would love the sling especially now that we just found out her mommy is expecting another baby! I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands so my sewing days are over. How would I go about ordering a doll sling?

ann said...

Hi Alicia, these are beautiful! I would love to order one for my son. I think it would help him adjust to his baby sister. Can you please let me know if I can order one? Thank you!

ann said...

I forgot to check the box to have any follow-up emailed to me, but now I have. :) Thank you.

Alicia said...

Hi Ann,
I am willing to make one for your son. Please continue this correspondence via email:
Thank you for inquiring.