Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wings ready & wide open

Still waiting for one last moment to open up.
Still trying to wrap my mind around this.
This time.
This moment.
A gift

& then it all happened.
The doors close behind them
waving goodbye
still misty eyes.

Bye for now
see you later.
Take my hand one more time
it will be awhile.

Love you long time.

*108 <> 177*

*Waving**Hearts knit together
*Paint**Warm sweater dresses
*Stitched Slings**Socks
*Jumping dresses**Purple colors

*Farmer's Markets**Lunenburg, NS
*Mahone Bay**Public Gardens
*Wool Shops**Writing
*Reading**Kindred Friends
*New Babies**Family
*Brown eyes**Blue Eyes

*Cheese**Rawthentic Chocolate
*Dill**Maple Wine
*Jost Vineyards**Gluten free banana beggars
*Swing needles**Loft cafes
*Highland wool**Books

*Standby flights**Planes
*Cell phones**WiFi**3G**Waiting
*Sunny nooks**Napping**Guest beds
*Fresh snow**Warm weather**Walkabouts
*Lakeside picnics**Inspiration
*Text messages**Saved pictures

*Play-dates**Birthday Parties
*Long days**Short afternoons
*Sleepy nights**Calm
*Tea parties**Connections

*Atlantic street names**Brisk Walks
*Curious children
*Blackberry Brew
*Sea glass jewelry
*Real rrrrollling r
*Multi colored homes
*Still Water Lake
*Canadian Geese that flock to little hands scattering crumbs.
*A little time to share


Grandma K said...

I have been waiting to hear a little bit of sharing! I can only imagine.....

Soak in every minute....

Kmarie said...

Did you end up going!! Yay for you!

Colleen said...

So beautiful Alicia! I wish you joy and adventure on your journey and a wealth of discovery as well my friend! Enjoy and God bless!

Kate said...

How divine does she look in her Jumping Dress!!
Have a wonderful adventure.