Saturday, March 19, 2011

Red Doors

Opening the many red doors that happen when we take risks.
Joining creativity together,
with the fusions of friendships.
This trip away was a sense of quieting, within my heart.
A joy in new discoveries.
& a renewed hope in the next chapters.
The days past poetically with rapid speed,
yet the trip needed to end.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder both near & far..

Welcome home ~ Welcome memories ~ 178 <> 240

:: with my eyes*
I saw a girl having a tea party
through pictures.
*With a 'missing you' look in her eyes.

*Genuine smiles.

*Family on a spontaneous Skype night
that pull out all the stops to chat & entertain.

:: with my ears*
I heard the voices of my family
through the miles.

*New sounds created from the mouth of a baby boy.
*Playing with him each day as we watched him grow.

*The giggles of a little girl chasing her puppy around the home.
*Then in pausing, she hugged gently
& whispered she was beautiful.

:: with my tastes*
*Fresh Atlantic lobsters.
*Experienced sushi made with fish caught fresh within hours.
*Delighted in fresh homemade banana beggars..a few times.

:: I shared insightful moments with friends*
that I have had the honor of knowing for years.
*Deep meaningful moments shared.. all gracious.

*Watched a beautiful moment as she tried on the hand-knit sweater for her, then again with more friends.

*Resting on a moss covered rock with ducks
surrounding the ripples of stillwater lake.

*Listened to locals talking about life, weather & work.
*Watched children with their parents indulge in donuts.
*They were covered and sticky
& were as happy as anyone has ever been.

*Drove the countryside.

*Visited the ocean.

*We walked in busy traffic within a quiet neighborhood.

*I lived for the day.

*Wrote many pages.

*I dreamed time away.

*Stretched distance as far as I could go.

*Breathed in peacefully.

*Softly touched all kinds of malabrigo yarns.

*I've seen many days of snow, of drizzled on down.

*When the sun came out, we could see the bay through the trees.

*Explored the streets of Halifax.

*Videoed random areas that captured my attention.

*Listened to fine tuned advice, from the managers of Starbucks,
a postal worker
& knitters that spin at yarn shops.

*These snippets also captured moments to join in multitudes on Mondays.

Start points*
*Long walks
Solitary day trips**Finding my way
*Friendly help offering phone numbers
*Dharma Toro Sushi
Clock Towers*
Fresh snow**Branches
Friends who unconditionally love through the miles here & there.*
*Video & Photo opportunities
Running in the rain with lobsters.*


Colleen said...

So beautiful Alicia, I am so glad you had such a fulfilling and rich experience! You deserved all the joy you received.

Krista said...

So glad you had a good trip, You have such a beautiful family. Peace.

Grandma K said...

I can only imagine the stories you have... your post gives just a hint of what the last days have held for you.

But it is also so, so very good to know you are back!

Welcome home!

Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s today, and first, the beginning of this post was poetry – heart that.

And - Running in the rain with lobsters.* - that was the thank you on your list I most liked because I have no idea what it means – but I suspect there’s a story behind it – blog fodder perhaps? :)

God Bless and Keep you and all of yours.

Alicia said...

Thanks for the *welcome home* friends.
I like the idea of a blog fodder Craig, it could be a post in the near future. In the last picture I was running in the rain with a bag of live lobsters in tow :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just sighed as I read all this! I felt such peace in your list and wanted to be with you to experience your whole list!!!! The tea party? That was the best! And I know how wonderful those Skype times can be!!! Thank you for sharing today. It was a blessing to have been here!

The Tea Bag said...

Oh, what I missed by going away myself! Thank you for sharing the tea party picture ... thank you for sharing the exquisite workings of your mind and heart. I'm looking forward to reading more as I catch up!