Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This month is one for reflection. On having our 13th wedding anniversary, 'by myself' I was challenged to wonder why do I celebrate milestones in my life. That is something that I get so excited about, a week before a Birthday, a anniversary, Christmas , even groundhogs day, I feel myself getting chatty about the date that is approaching, and wondering if anyone else even knows that date is on it's way..
Is it the date of the month or the year or is that there was a common sense to how meaningful I had made the date, over the years..this is something that I love, remembering dates!
This year for a celebration of Fathers day we sent D to Vancouver to fish on the ocean with a friend in the channels between the mainland and Vancouver island. It was exhilarating for him to pull up salmon and crabs and other such sea life and bring home to his family 20 pounds of filet salmon to share.
Simply sharing all I really wanted to do this week was pack up for our next move and have a salmon dinner with my family, but life as it often does got in the way, new jobs have started
and we are now hoping to camp in a cabin for the summer and store most of our possessions away
until we have a home of our own again. So much has happened this month, and I am thrilled, it's often hard to share in a nutshell. It would be far more detailed over coffee.
This evening I received the most heartfelt love filled email that left me knowing this life here and now and the everyday is worth the celebration every step we take together.
There is so much more to share...when I have a little more time...

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jenivere said...

I feel that way leading up to milestones too...reflecting on a time before I "knew" and how innocent things were "before." (Those aren't the exact words I want to use, but I hope you get the idea.)

Hope we can chat out more of those details over a coffee soon!