Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What have I learned this year?
Here are some impacts that are in my thoughts.

-A friend of the same cloth that has similar threads and that have been sown close to yours is truly still the most unique friend to have.

-Food will control me when my deepest desire is to hide from the truth.

-Memories take over my dreams and build stories that could have happened and I wake up in sheer terror hoping that its possible for my brain to lie.

-Taking a step of faith is not as easy as cleaning house.

-To live laugh and love is the best medicine for the heart.

-Truthfully expressing my heart in my deepest thoughts is prayer that is worth repeating forever.

-Therapy by myself can include folding laundry and doing dishes even if it is time consuming at least no one else wants to do it with me.

-To believe I can/will lose a relationship is a heartfelt sadness.

-Farmers have markets that attract artists. I like to visit these markets in a center of white topped tents where baskets are filled with their yummy creations that I get to take home.

-Writing without ceasing is going to form stories that need to be told.

-Secrets of the heart that dig deep into the core of a family, have been kept too long and they need to be shared after decades of silence.

-Quirky is as quirky does..

-4 children bring and have so many different love languages they are eager to learn.

-A family that is built on trust prays earnestly loves deeply and walks faithfully, this is what I am told, and hope that happens too.

-This may go for another year, so finally here I have learned that if you put your mind to it, a story of a family who took a fast from convenience has inspired me to reach new depths of my ideas.
To write them down.
It has kept my attention longer than I imagined it would, and in their gifts to their amazing family, I see a book that could be published for someone like myself who can see change begin to happen, but they have experienced the raw truth of a year lived straight back to our growing roots....

What is something that has impacted you this year?

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Grandma K said...

I love it when you blog!