Friday, June 22, 2012

Permission to be ourselves.

I'm standing at the window and the leaves catch my eye. Sunshine through the trees reflecting off the dew on the freshly mowed grass. Ever wonder what's pulling on your heart strings? That somehow in this moment we're witnessing a miracle.

When you hear the words: well done. You are the exception. What does that look like? Hello world. Let me share myself with the corners that are hidden away. Waiting for someone to hold out their hand and to hold theirs. God's grace. Right here. Right on this path, where I stand. I'm not going to ask.. where now? I'm ready. Now show me the way.

What does it look like to flow through life, with a family at home? Permission to be ourselves is the most generous sort of self love around.

It is a process, and a struggle to push through the untangling of what you are 'supposed to' do. Isn't that how life always shows us. Are you ready? This spot reserved right where you are on earth was given to us. A gift. I want to give back where my heart strings lead.

Rain writes the perspective.. Let your life be a poem. Something stirs that has been buried. Hidden now with dust. This key has unlocked truths. "when I say be creative, I don't mean you should all go and become great painters and great poets. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem." -Osho

To give back is how I want to live unafraid. To write without abandon, knit, bead, sew.. and giveaway. To hold the hands and listen to the ones without a voice. To give them an identity, offer compassion, and write their stories. To place shoes on their feet, watch them dance and join in. Music :: poetry of movement throughout the earth. Connections. Meeting ones who cry out ((Notice me)). Electrifying feelings of emotion.

We all have a story to tell. Really. Here in this space I am unfolding mine.

I remember the choosing, before the questions of why? The choice to follow a hidden journey. Its still there. But the difference is He made me, knowing all of who I am in the constant changing of the tides in life. He chose to set out a light that rises and sets. This sun that gloriously shines. Right here in my chest He set this heart that is beating. A pulse that is full of the knowledge that He is always for me. When at times I have been blind, there has always been a Truth. You are not just chosen to live this life, you are fully loved. Every single speck. I will do this.


Colleen said...

Your words make my heart ache they're so beautiful.

Kmarie said...

This was beautiful. I love Rain/ Hillary too. She has such a way with expressing her life. Plus she is thoughtful yet not afraid to show a range of emotion! I love how you added to her thoughts. Thanks for the other day. It was really touching- just what my soul needed and I did not even know it!:) You helped me be heard. Thank you. I appreciate your gesture and the spirit in your eyes.You are loved- every single speck:)

Grandma K said...

an 'exceptional exception' I would say!

hugs to you!

The Tea Bag said...

You are a Masterpiece.