Sunday, April 01, 2012

April 1

I hear your words before you say them. "Come on in!" The way you greet us, with a grand smile. For years I wondered in awe.. How you knew, just how to welcome my heart.

Through the door I watch as children scurry around, throwing their coats at us, their selves at the familiar. And you can't wait until we all gather together, within your home.

You watch each of your grandchildren with an articulate heart. You are one who learns their quirks, their needs, the way they open up in new circumstances. Thank you for sharing your own thoughts from your heart.

Thank you for being my Mom.

We know each other on another level. One where I was afraid of rejection, and held you at arms length. One where 15 years has taught us that there is beauty in perseverance in the eyes of both beholders.

This is a monumental year. The year we celebrate all that you have travelled through to get here.

Happy Birthday, Celebrating 60 years!!

I love you, Mom.



Alicia said...

Barb N Phil Wilson 12:25am Apr 2
To my daughter Alicia, I am so thankful that you married my son! I'm proud that your children are my grandchildren. I enjoy our times together. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, I know it's not easy to open up a wounded heart. You have fought so hard to overcome many things that I know nothing of. In spite of your hurts you have stood behind Daryl in many things believing in and enabling and encouraging him to do and be who he is. I have watched you grow and overcome to be a woman of God, used by God. You are a loving, caring Mother (though it's not always easy!) Someday you will be a famous writer (actually you already are by the number of followers on your blog) and God will use your story to reach many! I'm proud to call you my daughter! I love you, Mom

Grandma K said...

in a society where we hear the sad stories of divided families it is a true blessing to read how the two of you work at your relationship.

Thank you for being real.