Sunday, September 04, 2011

August Journeys

She had been suffering UTI's
& a kidney infection for months. We travelled to the Alberta Childrens Hospital a few times & were waiting for results..
all Summer.

The events of Summer included many road trips, & late nights. We laughed a lot, lived for the days & loved well into the nights.

As the month of August moved on; Azaelea began to show signs
of weakness in her legs, lethargy, dehydration
& the bubbly personality waned as she chose to be quiet, cuddled, rocked & sang to.

Then the fevers began to be consistent. Every night we would hear her cries as she woke to a fever of 104-107.
Always subsiding by morning, without any drugs.
One morning after many over the phone consults, we opted to not
give her the maintenance low dose antibiotics.
& the fever lasted 12 hours..
As worried parents we decided to band together along with teamwork from the nursing staff, we admitted her for 2 days in our local General Hospital.
They took urine, cultures, blood, (all twice) & she stayed on a IV the entire time.
After 54 hours on her IV, we waited for the approval to discharge her.
Choosing the better route (for us) to wait for further signs at
Our interim Dr. Agreed that if there were any worse
Symptoms to follow up at the ACH.

Today after 3 whole
Days of September.
No accidents or

She is back to her dancing, giddy, doll carrying, friend loving, singing self.
Azaelea is going through the motions everyday & growing stronger. We're moved by our community of praying family.
Though we have absolutely no clues as of yet, your support speaks volumes to us.

Thank you All, with Love!


Kmarie said...

Aw poor baby. So sweet. I always hate seeing them with IVS. Juils was on one once and that was enough for me. I heard about it all and was praying. So gad things are looking up. That is tough on parents too- so I was praying for you two. She is so little to be going through so much. I hope they figure it out soon. She is a bright light in the midst of so many clouds.
We are still supporting your family from afar. May you find answers soon
With Love

beth@redandhoney said...

oh, sweet girl. praying. sending all our love. thank-you for this update! thinking of you all.

Marissa said...

So glad that she has been having some good days. Love and so many prayers.

Krista said...

I hope you get some sort of resolution but I am SO glad to hear that she is doing better...and that momma is doing better too!

Grandma K said...

that breaks my heart.

Will pray for all of you.

irish coffee and chocolate said...

so hard to have your baby go through that :( glad things are looking up!

Sheila said...

oh dear...I wish I could truly share your burden. There is nothing worse than going through this with your child. I'm so glad that things are better, and will pray that things stay that way! Love to you!

42 things said...

so so relieved to hear she's on the mend! thought and prayed for you a lot over the last while.