Monday, February 14, 2011

It’s in the ways we Love


**June 14, 1997**15 Valentines Days together**4 skip years

**5596 days flew by after our eyes met for the first time.

**The early morning coffee brewed perfectly just in time.

**Little notes found on the computer**Text messages on our phone


**The favourite toque that I knit and you wear for everyone to see.

**Love songs written for me and sung by you for everyone to hear.

**Our children that laugh and run and play**Late night talks

**Tea time at midnight**Heart shaped egg breakfasts**Just because

**Pictures together**Walks along this path of life

**An open screen to write**107. Counting the ways that we love.


Colleen said...

Your lists seriously make tears come to my eyes. It is something to do with how perfectly simple yet beautifully profound these "everyday" moments are. There is nothing ordinary about them. I think they remind me to look for these huge blessing in life that I often take forgranted.

Thank you Alicia.

Grandma K said...


Craig said...

I’m here today from Ann’s. I know it’s Thursday and the linky is on Monday – but getting through them all to get to yours took some time :)

First – Amen 0 it is all about love – Your pics – old and new – that’s love.

And my fave from your list Tea time at midnight (I am a tea drinker – every body is all Starbucks this and that – but tea – with milk and 46.7 metric tons of sugar = smiles – still the smell of morning coffee is nice)

God Bless and Keep You and yours