Thursday, June 12, 2008

If Only
I could speak clearly the word pictures that are thought in my head everyday.
The most peaceful times are when those around me are enjoying conversation
and I can just be a listener.
I saw something so tangible in a store this week. It made dreams come alive in my head.
Of gardens, and tea parties, of Delicious feasts of all that we enjoy.
SO I brought it home and welcomed it home. But there was no real place for it.
Then I saw gardens and herbs, lavender fields and organic food with wine being served. My answer was to create a space, plant a space in my home for it. Plant a new atmosphere that my imagination has added a whole new outlook to.
First there needed to be some clearing away of all the clutter that had accumulated.
Its all for a fresh start.
Is it impossible to live without fully living right here in the place that we call home.
Because to know that it is possible to find people in our lives that want to live fully, and celebrating with me, makes my heart soar.
I can ask out loud or just keep heading in the right direction believing that it will be created.
My children need to be surrounded by their family but they also need to learn how important rich relationships are and how they grow with us like a vine.
I want to create these word pictures for them so they can sit with me and create their own.
Children and Art as an equation is gorgeous.
So sit with me as I try to paint a hopeful picture of what is to come.
Children's paintings on richly coloured walls. With wood and stone and a herb garden creating atmosphere. minimal furniture and intimate gatherings of friends as we enjoy the company and delicious sharing of what we bring to the table.


Jenivere said...

I love the focus on living people and living relationships, and the decision you made in choosing that over what was in the way.

Grandma K said...

You already have provided that safe kind of retreat! I look forward to seeing what else you have in your heart!

Stahled said...

my heart cries "Amen" while I read your words. I am so proud to be your sister and your friend